Fjord og fjell

Gardsbrenneriet is an Artisan distillery located at Sandane in Sogn og Fjordane county in Norway.

The company was started by Jann Vestby and Synnøve Vik Bergstad at our farm located in between fjords and mountains in beautiful Nordfjord, a region on the west coast of Norway. We both have a Masters degree in chemistry and has through Gardsbrenneriet realized the dream of combining education with the good life that rural Norway can offer.

We will specialize in using local ingredients from fruits and berries found and grown locally here in Nordfjord and we want to develop exciting products that will appeal to anyone who appreciates a good drink whether for food or to party.

It all started in autumn 2009 when Synnøve and I decided to take over the ancestral farm of Synnøve’s family. Since we both had grown up in rural Norway, it felt completely natural to move to Sandane after many years in larger cities like Trondheim and Oslo. We started with the refurbishment of the old house and began to make plans for future operations and how we should run the farm in the best possible manner based on our background. On the farm it had previously been grown both fruits and vegetables. However, when we took over there was only an old apple orchard of about 450 three left and the rest of the land was used for grass cultivation. The choice therefore fell on liquor production since it combines fruit and chemistry in a unique way. The trend in Norway in recent years with more and more locally produced food and drinks also helped to push us forward and gave us the belief that this was something that could be popular among people.


The 5th December 2013 we were granted manufacturing authorization for the production of alcoholic beverages in Norway. Since that time, we have purchased a lot of equipment and been in a constant state of product development. In February 2015, we started selling our first products to the HORECA market and on the 4th of September 2015 they became available at under the name «Attåt». Our vision is primarily to produce niche products based on fruit and berries. After the launch of the first varieties, we will continue with local variations of other popular liquors. The idea is that each of these should have a specific character from the district and the region we live in. What this distinctive character will be, we do not know yet but local spices and traditions of fermenting will surely be put to use in parts of the manufacturing process.

We are just now embarking on a new chapter in the farms history and will with this initiative hope to bring even more exciting flavors and experiences to the local food arena by introducing something completely new and exciting as per today has not existed in the Nordfjord region.